Every label is different. We all do things our own way, changing with the times and the needs of our artists. Ocelot at its core has always been a community driven family. The services that Ocelot has provided have changed and updated over the years to support the ever revolving needs of our artists, the fans that support them and the life of it's owner, Steve Ocelot.

The resurgence of vinyl in recent years has had us rethink things a bit. DIY artists who are hard working tend to have a lot of areas on lock, but vinyl is an expensive proposition for any emerging artist. Anyone can buy a stack of cds or pick up a run of shirts with an easy return on their investment. Vinyl requires a bit more strategy due to the up-front costs and minimum numbers that need to be ordered to make it profitable. This is where we Ocelot fits in now. We have taken a step back from the nitty-gritty of every-day artist management, shifting our focus towards helping hard-working artists provide their fan-base with vinyl records, marketing those releases and helping our artists with other specific needs tailored specifically to their music lifestyle.

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